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Alan Carlstedt

Alan Carlstedt

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01/28/14 06:57 AM #2    

John O'Connor

Elizabeth, Alan and I were good friends all through High School. We were both gymnasts. I remember him as a real good student, unlike me. I saw him a couple times in the year after graduation but not since. 

I too was shocked to see that he had passed. I tried to find an obit but no luck. I suppose that you and I also crossed paths back then but my memory fails me. Hopefully someone knows what happened to our old friend. 

Best regards

01/28/14 07:30 AM #3    

Jim McBride

This is the first I have heard about Alan's passing.  I remember Alan from our years in gymnastics together.  He was great on the parallel bars.  Anxious to hear more details about passing.  It is so sad.

01/28/14 11:28 PM #4    

Elizabeth Hinkle (Carson)

I did find a short obit from Pompano Beach Florida. No details, no family listed. I did see his parents past away several years ago, was glad for that.  Please keep in touch if you hear anything.  Liz

01/29/14 11:32 AM #5    

Michael Barone

Over the past 40 years I have indeed stayed in touch with Al.  He was suffering from MS and over the past few years was pretty much a couch potatoe.  After Al's parents passed away, he got sick to the point he could not take care of himself so Mike Rekowski (who I am still tight with) came and brought Al down to Ft. Lauderdale where the two of them lived until Al's passing.  Mike has told me that Al was not in good shape for sometime and in the end he went quickly and peacfully.  You are right that his parents passed a number of years ago and he is only survived by his brother David, altough the two of the had not spoken to each other for a number of years.

01/29/14 01:03 PM #6    

Elizabeth Hinkle (Carson)

Thanks for taking the time to respond Mike. Pulled out all my old pictures and it brought back some great memories of Al. May send a couple to Kevin for the reunion! 

01/30/14 09:12 AM #7    

Heather Hutchison

And "thank you" Mike Rikowski!

01/30/14 11:14 AM #8    

Megan Bueschel

I've always known Mike Rekowski to be a kind, thoughtful, caring person. I am so touched to hear of how he took care of Al, but not surprised. People of character don't change their stripes. I agree with Heather, we all owe a debt of gratitude to Mike.

01/31/14 04:03 AM #9    

Mary Jane Deasy (Kupsky)

I so very much agree.  Thank you Mike!


01/31/14 11:22 AM #10    

Elizabeth Hinkle (Carson)

I agree also! What a great friend you are! 

07/25/14 10:23 PM #11    

Robert McKee

Allen was a good friend in high school. I am shocked to hear of his passing.

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